According to a Lawsuit, New York’s Nursing Home Regulations Are Unconstitutional


New York: there has been a lot of updates regarding the new rules made so that has been cleared as by the hundreds of nursing home operators there has been a lawsuit which was building for months and that has been filed against the New York State health commissioners by these hundreds of operators, Of nursing home.

So there has been the recent changes which is by the state lawmakers upon which there has been an argument by the federal lawsuit for how the nursing home operators have been unconstitutional stated.

Hanse stated and explained that the first priority issue which has been dealt by us at this time is actually a long-term care staffing crisis. He also says that there has been no enough workers, prior also he says that before pandemic there was shortage of the workers but that was another thing but now after pandemic there has been more shortfalls and shortage of the workers which has been occurring.


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President of the New York State health facilities Association, Stephen Hanse: he states that there has been many nursing homes which are there but some of these nursing homes does not have enough money for the criteria of hiring an additional staff that could be useful in more facilities which could be act as a benefit and also could act as a force.

There has been a list of lawsuit which is of 133 page and which consist of dozens of nursing homes which has to pay steep penalties only if these law would go under effect.

For example there has been explained and assessment of penalty of dollars 12 910436 by the upper east side rehabilitation and nursing centre Inc., on which the penalty has been assessed and that would be in effect if the 70% out of the 40% spending mandatory Would go under effect.

There has been a declined to comment upon the pending of litigation at this very moment by the state health department.


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