A Woman Gives Birth In A Luxurious Tesla While Stuck In New York City Traffic


According to police, a woman gave birth in a luxury Tesla in Manhattan on Sunday after getting trapped in Midtown traffic on her way to the hospital.

The sophisticated black X model electric car’s wings doors came in handy during the laborious scenario, making it a bit simpler for the woman and her brand-new baby to ultimately unload onto a stretcher in Manhattan’s Garment District.

The expecting mother and her husband had hailed down authorities minutes before the delivery when traffic came to a halt in front of 585 Fifth Ave. shortly before 4 p.m., according to police.


The father informed officers that he was on his way to NYU Medical Center, but that his wife could give delivery before they arrived.

“Deputies began escorting the car to NYU Medical Center but were forced to divert to Bellevue [Hospital] due to severe traffic,” said NYPD Sgt. Edward Riley, who noted that the Tesla was tailgating officers.

“Officers subsequently observed the car behind them come to a halt,” the statement added. “When they checked on the passengers, they discovered the female had given birth in the van.”

The Post obtained photos of the mother sitting on a stretcher, surrounded by emergency personnel, and next to the car, which had its winged passenger door open and wide open. The starting price for the model Tesla is $105,000.

According to officers, the woman and her kid, a girl, were brought to NYU and are both in excellent health. Their identities were not revealed.

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