A Woman From Indiana Who Was Airlifted to the Hospital Following a Snakebite Faces a $46,000 Bill


There has been latest updates about a snake bite, for Which the bill almost scheme of dollars 46,000. For more updates and details refer the following news.

Randy, and her wife Jennifer Hay, Both were on a hiking trip for the amazing celebrations for their wedding anniversary so both planned for a hiking trip where she was eventually, Jennifer was been bitten by a snake, a venomous snake.

After this incident the woman Jennifer was been quickly Was taken to the hospital and eventually she was been taken to a very local hospital. And she was been given their the Needed and necessary treatment for ensuring that at least for once she’s out of the harmful cause.


So, after the necessary treatment has been given to her she returned to the home, when Jennifer was returned at home she was being stunned for knowing that the flight has been not to be covered by the insurance and for that the cost which she was needed to pay for it was almost dollars 46,000.

Jennifer stated to the outlet : They stated that they have been together since the year 2003 and also they say that they have done almost a ton of hiking in the so many years since 2003. They both were a hike fan and used to love hiking and have been to all over the place is almost but just one piece was been left and that was a local place where the really didn’t went before.

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So Jennifer explained when the snake bitten her. The first day was over and it was always the end of the first day and they were been going back to the truck after the hiking. They were been done by the hiking and they were returning to the truck at that time eventually she was been bitten by the snake.

And at the hospital Jennifer was been given the antivenom and then she was been released and also recovered at the home though the woman was being very nervous and anxious because of the throughout incident which has been happened and also she has been anxious about insurance she needed to be Cover.

One day, suddenly she got a message where it was written that she had to pay for the insurance of dollar 46,000. Sharing the cost she was very heartbroken.


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