A Third of Delta’s Hospitalization Risk from Omicron



Vaccinated with two full doses, you can be protected from the coronavirus. A new study says that people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 are two-thirds less likely to be hospitalized because of the Omicron variant than those infected with the earlier Delta variant.

A study published by the UK Health Security Agency along with Cambridge University’s MRC Biostatistics unit revealed that “the risk of hospitalization is lower for Omicron cases with symptomatic or asymptomatic infection after two and three doses of vaccine, with an 81% … reduction in the risk of hospitalization after three doses compared to unvaccinated Omicron cases,” when they examined 528,176 Omicron cases and 573,012 Delta infections.

However, the analysis said vaccines provided “significantly lower” protection against symptomatic infection from Omicron than Delta.
Susan Hopkins, a chief Medical Adviser at UKHSA said that the health service could still struggle with such high transmission rates.

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“It remains too early to draw any definitive conclusions on hospital severity, and the increased transmissibility of Omicron and the rising cases in the over 60s population in England means it remains highly likely that there will be significant pressure on the NHS in coming weeks,”

New confirmed daily cases hit another record — 189,846 — and the government reported a further 203 deaths. Because of the Delta variant and Omicron variant, hospital admissions have started to rise as well amid the spread of the new strain, but the government said it believes the new variant is milder than Delta.


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