A Proposed Bill Would Extend Unemployment Benefits to Oklahomans Fired for Refusing Vaccines


Okla., Tulsa: So, an Oklahoma lawmaker is in planning to propose a bill, and this proposal for a bill has a motive which is to help the workers in getting the benefits, getting in unemployment benefits just because if any of them had been fired for refusing the vaccine for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Moreover, the bill has the power to expand the existing unemployment benefits just for including those who have been letting it go.

A statement has been stated under the current law: according to this law, Those people have been looking at case by case basis, those employees only who have been fired from their respective jobs.


Sen. Dahm has been stating: The most ridiculous things come when any one of us has this thought that they are having healthy workers that are also in position and wanting to work, But also ignoring this those workers have been forcefully being taken out of the work.

There have been reports coming from the health experts, which are been stating that: according to their mindset there have been many health experts who state that mandation has been proved to be the best way for convincing people to go for the vaccine. The stating vaccine is mandatory the people have been following it and are also going for it. And this is the only way now left to end the pandemic situation by taking the precautions very strictly and people will only take these precautions seriously if they will be taken into the mandatory list.

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Health officials say that from the timing being the vaccine has been termed as mandatory for any people to travel anywhere the people have been going in traveling to places for getting the vaccine and this has been proving that people are taking themselves out of danger and this is the only way that people can be precoated and also the pandemic Coronavirus situation could end.


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