A More Effective Method of Detecting Omicron Could Exist?


In the UK there have been thousands of cases of the new variant of the Karuna virus that is Omicron, and the new cases which have been coming up of this new variant have been detected in the UK and a lot of people are there who after the treatment also you are into the hospital due to this virus.

According to health officials, there has been a warning which is like a large wave hitting the UK due to the infections which are been doubled up in these 2,3 days.

If any of you, and any individual or suspected with some symptoms of the virus then from the government websites it is very much free that the ones who have the symptoms of want to go for test than the PCR test are very much available on the government website that is also for free.


There have been four nations of the UK, so preferably if anyone of you is having a close contact with someone who has the symptoms or is tested positive for the coronavirus and the new variant, Then the rules which has been framed on the self isolation have been very much different in the four nations there.

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The advices and rules are also met for those people who are suffering with the Covid virus and not having symptoms also. So for them that wise has been remain the same and that is you need to stay at home and you have to importantly do the self isolation that will be for the 10 days strictly.

The report which has been came from the UK experts says that the new period which has come up that is Omicron, The rate of the spread of the virus of this new variant has counted to be four times faster than the rest specifically than the Delta variant and it has been making continuously a large web of infections which is very dangerous.


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