A Guy Gets Killed in a Work-Related Accident in Lackawant to County


We are again here with the accident news which has happened in the Lackawanna county we are a man has been found dead and that has been in an industrial accident as per updates. More details and updates are in the following manner.

In Lackawanna County, there has been a death investigation which has been under wayed of an old man.

Coroner Tim Rowland has been telling the news being the eyewitness about the old Scranton man who has been tied in the unspecified accident.


The accident has taken place on the day of Friday and in the afternoon it happened around 3:30 PM.

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The investigators has been finding the details of the man who has been found dead and that man has been found an old man around 47-year-old.

That 47-year-old man has been found dead in the industrial accident in Moosic on Friday at 3 PM afternoon.

Though the report hasn’t found more details about man instead of his age and also, name has not been revealed till yet.

Also, The report says that as such there has been no word which has been found on the circumstances which can lead to the accident.


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