A Catskill Police Officer Runs From a Burning Room After a Man Shot With a Stun Gun


So, there have been the latest updates which are regarding the attorney general‘s office, Of releasing a video of a talent counter which has been between the 29-year-old Jason and the Catskill police. For more updates and details refer to the following news which has been framed.

Albany: There have been too many Catskill police officers who are running out of their station’s lobby and eventually shut The door also immediately which was behind them.

It just happened because of when a 29 year old man, to whom they were been trying to overpower burst out eventually into flames and that happened all in front of them. After a Taser has been fired upon them by one of the officers.


It has been reported that a third officer was also involved in the fatal encounter but he too ran away from there when it boasted into flames.

The third police officer was seem to be heading towards in hurry to the front door of the station, where he could find a corner to stand and the corner was of interior wall and he chose that corner to stand.

The man who is been burning in front of him, The police officer ignoring him and instead of going to the man by taking the aid, He ran away from there and stood in a corner.

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