A Businessman in Atlanta Used a Stimulus Check Loan to Purchase a Luxury Range Rover Pickup


Did you just got the news about the Atlanta businessman who has been taking out the stimulus check loan and with that he got to bought a luxury range Rover.

It has been updated from the reports which has been updated by the United States attorneys office.

These reports from the US has been for the businessman who has been obtaining a fake loan cheated loan of amounting dollar 1,60,000 from the PPP that is paycheque protection program and with that loan he’s being obsessive and purchase the luxury range Rover pick up.


We just cannot be into the normal situation after hearing this that he had been octane in the loan just to buy his luxury range Rover pick up.

And now the PPP has been allowing the qualifications of the small businessmen that they could receive their loans on some terms which has been fixed now after this fraudulent situation has taken place so PPP has been referring some preferential terms and which includes that with maturity of two years and also with this an interest rate of 1% they could receive their loan.

Also the law Has been updated that according to them the company is must and should use the proceedings of PPP loans for any kind of expenses interest trend and utilities whatever are there.

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And that person now Brandon Ridge of 37 Georgia has been into the jail for sentencing of span of two years into it and with these the followed by three years more.

Though The fact and statement cannot be ignored that it has been pleaded guilty for the bank fraud but he has been seizing the bank accounts a very big amount that is dollar one lakh and Which cannot be ignored.

We have also got the news about the rich family which Ridge have.

We have also updated from the information that Ridge has been submitting two applications bogus applications a PP which are from his company and his company name is barking Rose Solutions.

Also when the request has been claimed then it consisted of the information which were false the bank statements were false and the company’s deposits were false and also the expenses and has been appearing that it is from the US government.


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