8000+ US Flights Cancelled or Delayed due to Omicron Surge


So, there has been latest updates about Americans assisted in 2022 with exploding of cases of COVID-19 due to which there have been thousands of flights which has been cancelled and the hospital beds have been very quickly filling and we can seriously say that once again as the pandemic has been dragged into another calendar year unfortunately.

There has been some of the years on which the most notable achievements have been against the COVID-19 that is the vaccines and the other treatments.

And these have not been enough to stop the rapid spread of the new variant which is omicron. And while there are more transmissible cases which has been leading to the record-breaking infections and positive tests which have been leading to the re-emergence of the mask mandatory in some states and areas.


And according to early studies the new variant omicron is also less serious.

There has been a report from the US, in which it has been stated that there are more than 2.7 million cases in the week which have been ending by Friday, from a week earlier there has been up to 105% according to US Today Data analysis.

It was Friday’s report in which it has been stated that nearly half 1 million cases have broken the record of the third highest. The US has reported more cases than it did in all of the month of November.

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There has been a sense of Hopefulness which has been persisting with a lot of people around the world stating that there has been no longer a feel which gives the same sense of anxiousness and worries which could mark the start of the pandemic COVID-19.

For over two years the virus which has been circulating around every part of the world has not been impacted for four separate calendar years as the new year has begun that is 2022. Now let’s go back to the start of 2019 where the year denoted by the name cOVID-19 year.


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