7 On Your Side Fights For The Death Benefits Of A Beloved NYC Mailman Who Served For 62 Years.


Anthony Puccio Jr. may not have a well-known name, but he is revered by inhabitants of the (*62*) Houses in Harlem.

Puccio has been a loyal friend, confidant, and mail carrier to around 1,000 neighbours for the past six years.

Julia Evans, a local, stated, “He was more than our mailman to us.” “He was a member of our family.”


He died in January, but his tear-streaked renters are dissatisfied with how the federal authorities handled his estate following his death. As a result, they switched to 7 On Your Side.

Elizabeth Patrick, a local, said, “He was family.” “I’m in love with him.”

Owners of the (*62*) Houses describe their adored mailman with three words: love, committed, and caring. He handled the mail as well as a lot more for 62 years.

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Tiffani Johnson, a local, said, “I know people that he has fed and helped pay their rent.”

The iconic mail carrier was highlighted by his union five years ago.

He said in the video, “You want respect, you offer respect.” “Do I have it right, my man?”

He retired in January of last year, but was laid to rest two weeks later.

Antonio Puccio III stated, “It absolutely tugs at my heart.”

However, his son’s distress quickly turned to rage.

He stated, “They’re nasty.” “I’m sorry, but I have to say it.” My father is unknown to them. They are unconcerned. He’s nothing more than a number.”

He claims that about a year after Puccio’s death, the US Office of Personnel Management has still not paid out benefits to the family, including a sizable annuity earned through six years of service and 4,200 hours of unused sick leave.

He said, “That’s the equivalent of not taking a day off in 40 years.”

The Office of Personnel Management claimed to have misplaced the documentation twice, and phoning hasn’t brought any results.

“You’re whether it be on hold for something like an hour, or you get through and talk to someone for an hour and then get terminated,” Puccio III explained.

To add insult to injury, it all arrived after the United States Postal Service renamed its Letter Carrier Academy in Puccio’s honour.

“Do you mean you treat him like this?” Puccio III’s name was mentioned. “This isn’t right.”

Po The family and all of Tony’s supporters pleaded with us to release his hard-earned money, and the office apologised and eventually delivered within weeks.

“The money owed to me was sent on my father’s birthday,” Puccio III explained.

It was a fitting homage to the mailman known to his customers as “The Goat.”

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