2022 Stimulus Checks? How Omicron Could Boost Talks About More Relief Funds


You are getting the latest updates that the new variant of COVID-19 that is omicron Is spreading widely and very rapidly.

There has been seen And also we got reports that the new cases of Covid during the last week of December has been hitting a record of average 70 cases which has been hitting 2,65,000 cases which are even higher than the previous record which was made in the month of January in the year 2021.

In the year 2021 in the month of January the cases were filed of 2,52,000 and now the average 70 cases record has been hitting 2,65,000 which are very much higher stated by CNBC.


And according to the health official there has been symptoms which are detected of the new variant Omicron: which are milder and have been leading to current times and also increasing absenteeism.

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There has been forcing of making the lockdown situation again and this hesitation is been made by the federal state government seeing the cases and widespread virus. The local shut downs have been begun to occur just because of the lack of employees and the work has been spoiled because of the lack of employees and workers as they are quarantine.

And instead of the jobless rates getting low, there are a lot of Americans were been still struggling to recover their financial position.

US Census survey was been done which took the first two weeks of December of the year 2021, it has been found that showed that there are Americans more than 25% who are been struggling even to meet out the household expenses and to meet out some very general and important expenses this previous week.


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