2021’s Saddest Restaurant Closures


Tae Yoon, NYC proofreader, Thrillist:

Jing Fong in Chinatown. I’m really glad that their new Center Street area as of late opened, yet the Elizabeth Street spot felt epic in such countless ways since everything unquestionably revolved around those lifts and enormous lounge area.

Rachel Sugar, staff author, Grub Street:


Technically, Sacred Chow shut in the fall of 2020 — I’d realized that — yet I possibly truly felt it when I began going out again in 2021. Where could it have been? Goodness, right. That spot was inconceivable. They did this perfect nama gori tofu I haven’t found elsewhere. I had their pea mint soup once and still consider it constantly. The menu was not particularly strong, and you needed to move beyond the image of the reflecting cow on the window — I’d at first tracked down this obnoxious — yet when you did, the food was reliably excellent (regularly odd, never futsy), and the climate was comfortable, and the snoopping was first rate.

Mahira Rivers, food writer: My first occupation in New York was at an office near Lahore Deli in SoHo and I was constantly struck by the way that this minuscule shop cooking for the most part to South Asian cabbies could exist smack in the center of SoHo. That shock and pleasure is gone at this point. It’s presumably a CVS now. Or on the other hand an apparition kitchen.

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Kayla Stewart, food columnist:

Too numerous to name.

Deanna Ting, senior author, Resy:

I was pitiful to see Racines close, yet I can hardly wait to see what opens up next in a similar space. The conclusion of Jeepney and Hunky Dory were likewise extreme; I truly cherished what Nicole Ponseca did at Jeepney and what Claire Sprouse did at Hunky Dory. The two of them fabricated cafés that filled in as obvious local area secures, and I’ll miss having them here in New York.

John deBary, drinks master, fellow benefactor of Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation: Hunky Dory, no inquiry.

Patty diez, project administrator, eater:

The deficiency of Flora Bar was a genuine punch in the stomach. So exceptional thus of its place; it generally felt like an event, even at noon. How could I not be dismal with regards to the passing of a cake menu by Natasha Pickowicz!

Talia Baiocchi, manager in-culinary expert, Punch:

I can’t exactly make out what shut in 2020 and in 2021 (which says a ton regarding the most recent two years), however I need to specify a portion of the incredible neighborhood mixed drink bars that shut for the current year and end of last, similar to Donna, Diamond Reef, Hunky Dory. Every one of the three made the absolute best beverages in the city, however they were likewise neighborhood bars that tried to accomplish more than make an incredible beverage. The genuine misfortune lies in the unfilled spaces they leave in their networks.

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