2021 Ping An Finance Center International Vertical Marathon Masters Ended Success


Ping An Finance Center, 2021 The fourth highest building in the world, Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center, hosted the International Vertical Marathon Masters.

Liu Qinhua and Chen Liqin have won two titles in a row. They won the men’s and women’s professional championships in 19 minutes 57 seconds and 24 minutes 26 seconds, respectively.

The yearly tournament went over without a hitch. Since its official arrival in Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center in 2018, the IP of “Ping An Finance Center International Vertical Marathon Masters” has built a strong basis.

Ping An Finance Center International Vertical Marathon Masters began a new voyage in 2021, following the previous year’s hot registration status, with a winning percentage of barely 10%. Many ladder riders are drawn to the 16th level, with its 547.6 meters and 3201 steps, to conquer and build a new height of existence. For the past four years, the event has been held.

“Peace Guardian Action” will contribute a love fund for autistic children’s growth and employment, as well as to assist them integrate into society and promote social peace, for every “charity star” donated. Paying attention to and protecting the “children of stars” also adds a cheerful and loving tone to this vertical marathon.

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The event will take place at Ping An Finance Center, which brings together mature and high-end business facilities from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to create a global vertical complex model with four major formats: super grade A office building, PAFC MALL, PING AN FINANCE CENTER, FREE SKY, and Park Hyatt Shenzhen.

Ping An Finance Center has accomplished the benign connection between architectural, humanities, and society, and showed the comprehensive landmark architectural style as the world’s fourth tallest skyscraper, via the flawless integration of various forms.

The building currently holds three security and green certifications: Kroll International Security Assessment Certification, LEED Platinum Certification, BREEAM Green Building Certification, A&D Trophy Awards Best Design Award, American Architecture Award, and the Global Institute of High-rise Urban Architecture’s highest office building certification.

Ping An Finance Center will showcase Shenzhen’s proud urban character as a source of reform and opening as well as the capital of innovation to the rest of the globe.

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