2 People Injured Following Accident at Fayette County Car Dealership


Two workers at Tri-Star Chevrolet in Uniontown were harmed after a mishap at the vehicle sales center.

Fayette County 911 said a truck fell on the two representatives not long before 3 p.m.

Tri-Star Chevrolet corporate told Channel 11 that the workers are presently being dealt with.


The situation with their wounds is obscure. The two casualties were traveled to the emergency clinic.

Police are on scene examining.

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Already, Officials are requesting that drivers keep away from a space in Fayette County later a ‘genuine mishap’ on Tuesday morning.

As per a Facebook post from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office around 11 a.m., the crash occurred on Inman Road close to Ridgemont Drive.

The office posted photographs of the mishap to online media, showing a white Ford pickup truck off the street into the forest, with the truck bed hanging into a waterway.

The pictures show harm to the highest point of the vehicle, yet the sheriff’s office hasn’t said whether or not there were any wounds as of now.

The present moment individuals are urged to track down a way around the occurrence Authorities have not shown when the street is set honestly.

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