18-Year-Old Charged After Police Say He Left the Scene of a Head-on Crash That Killed a Boy on the Wrong Way


There has been a accident case which has been detected witches of a five-year-old boy who has been found dead at the scene which is very freaking as the age is just five years old and also a 14-year-old has been taken to the hospital. There have been several updates and details which are framed in the following manner.

At the scene it is found that a five year old boy has been found dead and a 14-year-old has been airlifted to the hospital of children as he has been suffering with several severe injuries.

The report from the police says that the incident has taken place on the day of sunday and around 1:30 AM.


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Rhome, texas: The police department of Rhome has been saying that Christopher fowler, has been into the Church of man’s laughter and for the another count of unrest due to an accident involvement injury or also in the death. Has been into the additional 3rd° count also of involvement in the accident injury or accidental death.

Because of the above charges and three counts he is currently been kept in the jail, Wise county jail.

The identification of the five-year-old boy and a 14 year old one has not been investigated till yet.

On the scene the detection is of the two young faces who still haven’t been recognised but one has been found dead in the another one has been taken to the hospital for very serious injuries which has been taken place hope we get him alive after the treatment gets over.


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