Vincent Rapisardi

Vincent Rapisardi


Ever since I was a child, I loved the idea of creating my own website and being able to voice how I truly felt about certain issues in sports.

As a big fan of business shows like "The Profit" and "Shark Tank" the idea of starting my own company - or in this case, website - always intrigued me.

Which is exactly why Big Blue Unbiased exists.

Covering the New York Giants for multiple sites, I've gained a following full of passionate readers who either love or hate me.

From emails to text messages (yes, someone actually dug out my phone number and texted me one time) I've seen it all, both the good and bad.

Over the last year, my work has been shared by outlets such as Bleacher Report, Maxim Magazine, SNY and other major platforms.

I've also conducted interviews with multiple professional athletes and once wrote a story that put a young child on SportsCenter.

I currently work for CBS Sports.