The New York Giants Should Have Zero Interest In Signing Brandon Marshall

Too often we fall for flash.

We always need the new phone, the new iPad, the new car – but after a while, it loses its value and wears out.

You know what doesn’t lose its value? Running water, plumbing, and electricity.

Have you ever had the power go out at your house? Guess what, with no electricity all of a sudden you can’t charge your iPad.

And because there’s no electricity, you also have no Wi-Fi.

That flashy, unessential item provides you with nothing once the foundational aspect of its existence (electricity) can no longer do its job.

Brandon Marshall was released on Thursday by the New York Jets, leading some to wonder if he fits in with the New York Giants offense.

Well, he doesn’t.

Before you buy the new iPad you better check if you have electricity (and Wifi).

The electricity (offensive line) at the Giants facility is barely working at the moment.

According to Pro Football Focus, Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart, both 22-year-old offensive tackles, were the worst combination of tackles in the league last season.

Thus, forcing Eli Manning to play in a “muddy” pocket, something his age and mobility limits him to do at a high level anymore.

While Manning threw for over 4,000 yards, his yards per attempt was his lowest since 2007 – which is a bad sign.

New York also only has $14 million in cap space and they’ve yet to even get their opportunity (free agency) at finding a replacement for Flowers/Hart or figuring out what they are going to do at right guard with John Jerry becoming a free agent.

Sure, Marshall may have a game where he catches two touchdowns and helps you win a fantasy matchup, but his impact on an every snap basis pales in comparison to a sturdy offensive lineman.

Right now, the Giants have limited resources and bigger problems to fix.

Do they spend all their money on an Apple Watch (Marshall)? Or do they save it up for food and gas (offensive line)?

I’d go with the latter.

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