New York Giants: Stop Blaming Jerry Reese and Just Fire Ben McAdoo

October 10, 2017

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Rock bottom.

There's not much else to say when it comes to the New York Giants.

Their 0-5 start not only signals another lost season, their fifth in the last six years, but it's now clear that Ben McAdoo is unqualified to be the man in charge.

And once again, they'll be on the open market searching for a new head coach.

But what fans are getting wrong is the distaste and bitterness toward general manager Jerry Reese, a man that every fan has wanted gone for the past three or four seasons.

Look, there is clearly a bias against Reese among the fan base, one in which I doubt I can change with one article, but stop blaming him.

Yes, the Giants should have done a better job of allocating resources this offseason in order to sign Andrew Whitworth.

They got arrogant, thinking they could get away with an anemic offensive line and rely heavily on their defense to win football games, just like they did last season.

It was a flawed strategy, and all the way back in March when they decided to waste money on Brandon Marshall and hope that D.J. Fluker would somehow be a starter, I called them out on it.

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Still, I'm not going to kick Reese out the door for trusting his former 9th overall selection (Ereck Flowers) and hoping that Bobby Hart would take the next step and at least be a viable tackle.

Hate on Reese all you want, but he did draft Odell Beckham Jr., arguably the league's best wide receiver, and he did trade up in the draft to select Landon Collins, arguably the league's best safety.

Last season, the Giants GM hit a home run, signing Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison and Janoris Jenkins, all of whom, posted Pro Football Focus grades over 85 and helped lead a defense that allowed the second-fewest points in the league.

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Aside from the team's star players, Sterling Shepard, Weston Richburg, Justin Pugh, and now, Dalvin Tomlinson are lower-level names who have produced well for the team, as well.

Entering Week 5, Shepard led the league in yards from the slot, Richburg was PFF's third-ranked center in 2015, Pugh has posted back-to-back seasons with a PFF grade above 80, and Tomlinson is "on the bubble" for PFF's "Rookie of the Year."

The roster is fine, people - stop blaming Reese.

While I hate pouring on and beating a dead horse, McAdoo is the one and only reason why the Giants are winless this season.

McAdoo was handed an incredibly talented roster, one that single-handedly drove them to the postseason last year, as his offensive "genius" proved to be a hoax.

He ran the same personnel group (11 personnel) 92% of the time last season, which is the same formation he ran 81% of the time the year prior, according to

Since 2010, no other team has ran the same personnel group more than 75% of the time - give that a second to bake.

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McAdoo's offense became so predictable that weapons like Beckham Jr., Shepard, and Victor Cruz with a quarterback like Eli Manning, led to a group that ranked 25th or worse in yards per game, third-down percentage, time of possession, and points per game.

There's no excuse for that.

And so far in 2017, the team's efficiency on offense has actually taken a step backward, tied for 30th in time of possession and 28th in points per game (16.4).

He's been given, what will be, two seasons as head coach of the Giants, and his specialty, which is coordinating the offense, has now failed the team, time and time again.

It shouldn't even be a discussion - McAdoo isn't equipped to be "the guy" running a football team. Period.

But blaming Reese for this dumpster fire of a season is a lazy opinion.

Plain and simple. 

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