The New York Giants Just Committed The Most Embarrassing Double Standard of All-Time

October 12, 2017

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Look, we all understand that certain people get special treatment, and we all understand that "double standards" are a part of life.

But a double standard in sports can only have legitimacy when there is a certain amount of respect from the one who is getting special treatment.

There is no question Eli Manning gets special treatment from the New York Giants because of the position he plays, and what he's accomplished in his NFL career, as opposed to a backup linebacker.


Hypothetically, if Manning committed a crime, the team would fight and claw to keep him on the roster and try their best to have his back, considering what he means to their organization.

If the same happened to a backup linebacker, there's a good chance they cut him and bring someone up from the practice squad to replace him.

But you could make the argument that Manning has earned that double standard, because he's done nothing to cheat his team, or the system.

Heck, he was just named Walter Payton Man of the Year by the NFL last season.

On the flip-side, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. knows that he has the Giants by the balls, based on his marketability and talent, and he takes full advantage of the control that he has.

Whether it be his issues with Josh Norman, sideline blowups, trips to Miami during the week of a playoff game, or admitting he wants to be the highest-paid player in the league and has no plans on changing who he is, the man has shown little respect to his organization.

"But Odell never gets in legal trouble, so why are you hating on him?" - the average idiot

Oh, yeah? That's like saying ....

"Hey, I have this friend who is completely fake, only cares about themselves, and uses me. But hey, he's never physically tried to hurt me, so he's still a good friend."

Disrespect comes in different forms, people.

Beckham Jr. has now been penalized nine different times in his career for either unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness, delay of game or taunting.

And he's been fined $169,017 by the league, according to, with his latest fine coming just a few weeks ago in Philadelphia when he acted like a dog and started (fake) peeing after a touchdown. 

Oh, and then after the play, he went to the sidelines and began taunting the crowd, leading to head coach Ben McAdoo grabbing him, telling him to relax, and then pushing him.

And based on all of these actions, not one time have the Giants benched him, even for a single drive or quarter.

Yet, they have the nerve to tell cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that he'd be inactive this week vs. the Denver Broncos because he got mad on the sidelines this past Sunday?

Which then prompted them to suspend him after he get pissed about their ridiculous decision?


So, let me get this straight ....

DRC, who has NEVER been penalized due to blatant stupidity and selfishness (unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, taunting penalty, etc.) in his THREE-PLUS YEARS with the Giants, is now getting INDEFINITELY SUSPENDED for something that happened on the sidelines.

Not only that, but DRC is a respected veteran on the team and he's been incredibly productive, to the point where Pro Football Focus had him on their "All-Pro Team" last season.

He's no scrub.

But OBJ, who has selfishly costed the Giants penalty yards NINE TIMES for no reason but his OWN GAIN, has never once even been benched, not even for a quarter.

No wonder McAdoo can't get his players to buy into what he says.

There is a clear double standard, and OBJ doesn't even have the respect to actually respect the double standard.

It's just not acceptable.

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