New York Giants: John Mara Is Stooping To The Level Of James Dolan - He's Becoming a Joke

December 4, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 19: John K. Mara President and Chief Executive officer of the New York Giants looks on during warms ups prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on October 19, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The New York Giants fired the wrong people on Monday.

Head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese were both let go by the organization, but if there was a way to fire a co-owner, Mara would certainly get the axe for the cowardly way he's running his team.

After reports that Mara had told Reese a month ago to go look for the next franchise quarterback (Reese then attended the Josh Rosen-Sam Darnold game), the Giants co-owner then got upset that Eli Manning was benched prior to this past week's game vs. the Oakland Raiders. 

McAdoo and Reese, both doing their due diligence in order to see if there is a potential answer at quarterback already on the roster before they potentially use a high draft choice on a quarterback, wanted to play two players they (emphasis on "they") brought in, via the draft and free agency. 

Davis Webb and Geno Smith. 

The problem is that Mara, don't kid yourself, had something to do with "benching" Manning and figuring out what else the Giants had on their roster at quarterback.

When McAdoo brought the idea to Manning of playing a few quarters each week but handing it over to Geno or Davis to finish each game, Mara was not present at the facility to talk about the situation with his long-time franchise quarterback.

As many know at this point, Manning declined the offer to continue to play, handing it off to Smith this past Sunday vs. the Raiders.

But considering how much heat the Giants organization faced from this decision, which (again) was a decision that Mara certainly had his hands on, the co-owner crumbled beneath the pressure and was immediately unhappy with how the situation was handled (a situation that, again, he had complete authority over).

Pulling a page out of the playbook of James Dolan or any other shitty owner you could think of, Mara's immediate response was to treat McAdoo and Reese as scapegoats, firing them on the heels of the Manning move because he could no longer take the heat from the media and outsiders.

And the worst part?

Manning has been re-named the starter because poor, millionaire Johnny Mara couldn't take the pressure from social media jerk offs and some former players. 

I've never seen such a bitch move from someone with as much power as Mara, and someone whose organization is one of the most respected in sports.

Stick by your decisions and show some balls, Mara.

Now, McAdoo sure as hell deserved to be fired (after the season), Reese didn't, but I could certainly see the argument for him being sent packing.

But these two moves were directly linked to the Eli situation; directly linked to Mara needing a scapegoat in a situation he fucked up.

The Giants are becoming a joke because they are run by a soft, cowardly owner who would never have his position of power if it wasn't for his daddy.

Can you fire an owner?

Because, if so, Mara should join McAdoo and Reese on the unemployment line.

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