December 5, 2017

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - CIRCA 2010: In this handout image provided by the NFL, Jerry Reese of the New York Giants poses for his 2010 NFL headshot circa 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

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The biggest misconception among New York Giants fans is the fact that "Jerry Reese has been the problem for years."

Yeah, that narrative is bullshit.

Back in October, I wrote an article debunking four myths about Reese (which you can read by clicking here).

But after he was fired on Monday, it was reported that Ben McAdoo, who was also fired on Monday, was not "the guy" Reese wanted as head coach.

Just like I had been saying for a while, the Giants promoted McAdoo to head coach because he interviewed for the (then) vacant Philadelphia Eagles head coaching job prior to the 2016 season.

Out of fear that they would have to run an entirely new offense for Eli Manning upon McAdoo's departure, the Giants decided to quickly slap the "head coach" tag on McAdoo before he could (potentially) join their hated rivals.

Think of how fucked up this situation really is for Reese ...

As the general manager for a decade, not once, did he ever get to pick his coach or quarterback (Tom Coughlin and Manning were there before him; McAdoo wasn't "his" guy, either)

Yes, Manning was arguably thee reason the team won their last Super Bowl.

But due to the team's loyalty to Manning, the (now) former GM had to stick through multiple sub-par seasons from the franchise quarterback, simply based on Manning's status among the fan base and franchise.

I mean, did you see the reaction the organization just received for benching Eli, who was quarterbacking a ... 2-9 team?

People love Eli, and the only way for this divorce to end well is if he retires and the team doesn't have to make a decision on his future.

The irony of this situation is the fact that the one time Reese picked a quarterback to potentially be the next franchise guy (Davis Webb), he never even got the chance to watch him play, because, well, he got fired.

(Don't tell me Ryan Nassib was "his" guy. Through the Syracuse and Doug Marrone connection, Nassib was clearly Coughlin's "guy"; don't kid yourself)

A lot has also been made of poor Giants' rosters for a three-year stretch from 2013 to 2015.

What people fail to understand is that the Giants were statistically thee most injured team in football over that time frame, according to FootballOutsiders.com.

Key pieces like Victor Cruz, Jon Beason, Johnathan Hankins, Robert Ayers, Geoff Schwartz, Stevie Brown, Prince Amukamara, Will Beatty, David Wilson, Walter Thurmond, and many others found themselves on Injured Reserve during that time period.

And if I wanted to, I could've named many more key contributors who missed time due to injury.

If you noticed, when the Giants won 11 games last season, they dealt with almost no big-time injuries, aside from Jason Pierre-Paul missing the final four regular-season games.

Almost every other key contributor or starter stayed healthy, with Darian Thompson, who certainly isn't a game-changer by any means (just yet, at least), being the "biggest" name placed on Injured Reserve.

Last season, I hailed Reese the MVP of the team for the way he signed three immediate studs (Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, and Janoris Jenkins), revamping the defense, and paving the way for a defensive-led, 11-win football team.

While he was putting together a defense that was second-best in the league in points allowed while also being the most dominant unit in the red zone, McAdoo (someone Reese didn't want as his head coach) was coaching the offense into the ground.

Whether you want to blame Eli or not, he was still the quarterback, leading a group that averaged less than 20 points per game.

McAdoo and Manning, neither one being Reese's "guys," failed him.

It is what it is, the man who architected two Super Bowl-wining units is gone.

But before he left, it was only right if I backed him up one more time, because lord knows he deserves it.

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