Eli Manning Is Clearly Hinting at Retirement at the End of this Season

August 10, 2017

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is retiring after this season.

No, that's not a report. No, I don't have sources. No, he hasn't directly said it any point in time during the offseason or training camp.

But he's dropping subtle hints and doing it with humor.

3. Making Jokes at His Press Conference

When asked about playing in the team's preseason opener on Friday vs the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Manning: "I don't know, what did [Ben] McAdoo say? He tell y'all anything?"

Reporter: "He said it's up to you."

Manning: "He said it's up to me? Alright. We'll see, we'll see. I'll go play."


We've all seen Manning show off his humor in commercials or Saturday Night Live but I can't remember the last time he did it in front of the New York media.

While I understand that McAdoo isn't much older than Manning, the fact that he referred to the head coach like he was his longtime buddy makes the situation interesting.

He also said that he'll "go play" in Friday's preseason opener as if he doesn't have a care in the world, which, to me, says that he's relaxed and soaking up what might be the final preseason of his football career.

2. Wearing Jordans During Practice

Manning, a guy most would expect to be wearing New Balance or Sketchers, was seen wearing ... JORDANS?!

Yes, I know McAdoo gave out Jordans to those on his team who "behaved" over the offseason, but this is about as un-Eli as it gets.

He's relaxed. He's soaking everything up. He's having fun.

1. Dancing In The Locker Room

Again, we've all heard stories of Eli being a funny guy but we've never really seen it in a football setting.

Until last week, when he decided to join in on the team's dance party in the locker room, causing a ton of commotion on social media.

Guys, it's obvious.

Eli knows the end is near, to the point where the team has put him on a "pitch count" to limit the number of throws they want him to make this summer.

After coming off a season where he totaled his lowest yards per attempt since 2007, he understands that he's lost a step.

And with Davis Webb now waiting in the wings, at least the Giants will be in a position next season where they can be proud of what the future may hold at quarterback.

There's a long season ahead, but from what I see, this is going to be it for Eli Manning.

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