Damon Harrison Compares Eli Manning To LeBron James - Here's Why He's Right

July 10, 2017

(Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

If I told you ...

Hey, there's this quarterback who is top 10 all-time in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completions, while twice defeating the greatest coaching-quarterback duo in the Super Bowl ...

You would probably say: "well, he's obviously a Hall of Famer."

But because of Eli Manning's dorky and awkward perception, a perception based on left-handed passes, lack of mobility and - apparently - an interception every time he attempts a pass, people have downgraded his true accomplishments and HOF legitimacy.

But his teammate, Damon Harrison, is having none of it.

On NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," Harrison told the NFL world that Manning is the NFL's LeBron James, because of how (unfairly) scrutinized his play has become.

(Watch below)

The subject was brought upon when Harrison was asked about the latest Top 100 list, voted by the players, and why Manning wasn't on it.

Yes, Manning will never dominate his sport like James has, but the comparison, while extreme, isn't far off when you consider the amount of criticism the Giants quarterback has had to deal with over the course of his incredibly accomplished career.

Stick Eli in Kansas City or Green Bay, and he's revered for his postseason success and career statistics.

But in New York, a place where mockery and expectations are always at an all-time high, it seems as though he just can't catch a break when it comes to his legacy.

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