Pro Football Focus Names Andrew Adams a 'Secret Superstar'

July 11, 2017

(Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

In the minds of many fans of the New York Giants, general manager Jerry Reese is the worst and should be blamed for every problem the organization has.

OK - while I don't agree with that particular thinking, I'll let it slide for now.

BUT, if that group is going to knock Reese for his faults, they better praise him for his hits.

Last offseason, the Giants general manager took a gamble on three high-priced free agents, all three turning into All Pros.

But one move he made last offseason that almost nobody knew about until he appeared in regular season games was the signing of undrafted free agent safety Andrew Adams.

After last year's third round pick Darian Thompson appeared in just two games due to a foot injury, Adams stepped in and proceeded to start 13 games for the Giants.

Leading to a season where Pro Football Focus named him a "Secret Superstar" after forcing the second-lowest passer rating among all rookie safeties, while finishing 39th out of the 90 ranked players at his position.

With Adams expected to start, as Thompson eases back into action, there's no doubt Reese hit a home run with this signing.

The young Adams has become a more than respectable NFL starter after being passed on with every pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.


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