Don’t Count Out Doug Martin as an Option For The New York Giants

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

In the social media era, we all fall victim to mainstream commonalities, thanks to retweets and Facebook sharing.

All you need is for one person to share their opinion or report, with the agreement of a large group of people, and it all of sudden becomes the norm.

For a month, LeGarrette Blount has been the only free agent running back many have mentioned when it comes to the New York Giants finding a complement for Paul Perkins.

As usual, though, we aren’t looking deeper than the surface, because it’s very likely that another high profile name will become an option for the Giants as well.

And his name is Doug Martin.

After an outstanding rookie season where he rushed for over 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns, Martin hit rock bottom in 2013 and 2014 before reviving his career in 2015.

In 2015, Martin played all 16 games, set a career high for yards per carry (4.9), and registered a Pro Football Focus grade of 84.8 (which is elite for the running back position).

Playing just eight games last season, Martin was handed a suspension towards the end of the season for the use of Adderall, one that he still has to serve in 2017 (three games remaining).

The 28-year-old running back was present for team workouts just a few days ago after seeking treatment this offseason for his Adderall addiction.

But because of his suspension, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can actually choose to shed his contract ($7 million cap hit) without penalty.

Which, according to Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht, is certainly a strong possibility (The

“We have until then to make the decision, so we will see. We have a lot of time between now and then. We have a lot of things we need to see and we want to see and we want to hear.

We have in the back of our minds kind of a little bit of a time-table, but that time-table is until the fourth week of the season.”

The fact that Licht mentioned Martin still must “make” the football team hints at their skepticism and potential disinterest in his return.

Martin being released at any point before or during the season would suddenly give the Giants the “bruiser” they have been missing if they choose to pursue him.

Sure, they wouldn’t be getting him for a full 16-game schedule, but football is a game of attrition and adding valuable depth and fresh legs should always be recommended.

Last season, New York was last in the league in rushing touchdowns (6) – Martin had half that number by himself in just eight games in 2016.

If Martin doesn’t come available, or the team simply has no interest in adding him whether he’s available or not, click here to find four running back options via the draft New York could potentially target.