4 Of The Most Undervalued Giants On The Roster

June 30, 2017

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Every fan knows the stars. From Eli Manning to Odell Beckham Jr., the big names are the ones who sell the jerseys and the ones you name your pet after. But there's a reason that even when Beckham Jr. was tearing up the league his first two seasons in the NFL, that the New York Giants were still losing games. At the end of the day, it takes more than highlight reel plays to win football games, and that's where this group, that I'm about to mention, comes in. 4. Shane Vereen Being that fourth down is usually a time where most teams decide to punt it away to the other team, converting on the down prior is imperative. Shane Vereen not only provides the ability to catch the football out of the backfield on third down, but one of the major reasons the team signed him in the first place had to do with his ability to pass block. Having someone who could squeak through a defense and catch a crucial pass to convert or sit back, block, and give Manning an extra second or two to throw the football is key. His numbers will never blow anyone away, but impacting a couple of third downs each week certainly, shouldn't go unnoticed. 3. Devon Kennard Anyone who can act as a Swiss Army Knife certainly provides a value every team appreciates. Playing some defensive end in college, Devon Kennard's play at linebacker has been more than serviceable, posting Pro Football Focus grades above 77 in two of his three NFL seasons. But he's also been given time as a pass rusher, doing so about 200 times last season. Although he registered only one sack in those 200 snaps, Kennard's pass rushing productivity as a rookie was off the charts, registering a grade of 19.1, with league leaders ranging anywhere from 13-15. The Giants are still looking for a third pass rusher, and it seems like Kennard is a legitimate option while also giving the team some help at linebacker. 2. Whoever Becomes The 4th Cornerback Yes, the Giants seem to be loaded at cornerback, with Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie leading the way. But all it takes is an injury or two in order to screw everything up. The play of Valentino Blake, Donte Deayon, DaShaun Amos, and Mykkele Thompson will be interesting to watch this summer as they fight for the final few spots at cornerback. 1. Rhett Ellison Similar to Kennard, Rhett Ellison isn't going to receive the hype any of the stars are going to receive, but his impact as a receiver, blocker, and potential fullback adds a dynamic that no other player on the roster can bring. Whether the Giants carry a fullback is still unknown which makes Ellison even more valuable, knowing that he'll have to play two positions. The Giants failed to have a tight end with a PFF grade over 50 last season, and they decided to not use a fullback either. It seems like Ellison will give the Giants a boost in both areas.

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